Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Happiness Project

As I (slowly) read more of The Happiness Project a lot of things are totally beginning to make more sense. There's a lot of ah-ha moments in this book for me, because I feel like I can totally relate to certain situations.

Something I've already started to implement in my life is breaking goals down into smaller goals. I don't mean the huge life-changing goals, but rather the smaller ones that are getting you there. I feel like everything gets a little brighter once you've figured out how to handle a certain roadblock and have a plan set out. By breaking down a goal like "Finish this design by Friday" or "Plan an exercise routine" into smaller goals to check off my list, I feel like I'm actually getting a lot done and it's pretty motivating to keep moving forward. Sure, I'm totally tricking myself into achieving my original goal in the first place, but this way I'm more organized and less likely to waste time worrying about which step I should take first, you know?

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