Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Years Resolutions Are Begining Early This Year

I decided two things the other day.  One is I’m not going to wait for the end of the to write my list for New Year’s resolution and two I’m actually going to follow through with them.
1.       Start my own blog.
2.       Take more pictures and take a photography class.
3.       Learn French with Rosetta Stone.
4.       Take a vitamin every day.
5.       Cut back on drinking so much.
6.       Make more of an effort to hang out with my friends.
7.       Make more of an effort to hang out with my Mom.
8.       Start a cookbook of all my favorite recipes.
9.       Do 100 sit-ups every day.
10.   Complete the end of the month paperwork by the 15th.
11.   Cook something new every week.
12.   Do some type of new craft once a month.
13.   No TV for a month.
14.   Run a marathon.
15.   Print out all my pictures and put in albums.
16.   Buy another house.
17.   Go completely vegan.
18.   Save more money.
19.   Open an IRA.
20.   Not curse as much.
21.   Read more.
22.   Start doing yoga.
23.   Buy a dog.
24.   Plan a vacation.
25.   Recycle more.

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